RON Educational Writing Series was established for research, writing, publishing and marketing. Dr. Rosemary N. Ossai is the founder and chief editor. She compiled the French-English Picture Dictionary for Schools over ten years. It was first published by Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers Ltd in 2013 while a second edition, the RON French-English Picture Dictionary for Schools, was published by RON Publishers in 2020. The dictionary consists of about 800 coloured illustrations used in contexts; 20,000 keyword entries; 200,000 words, phrases, and meanings; over 150 conjugated verbs; about 20 everyday topics for conversation and writing; grammar at a glance; texts on culture with translation; and an audio pronunciation guide.

About the Author

Dr Rosemary N. Ossai is a linguist and lexicographer. She is the founder and chief editor of the RON Publishers. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Ibadan, another bachelor’s degree in (FLE) Teaching of French as a foreign language, an M.Sc. in French (Letters, Arts, & Science of languages) from the University of Stendhal, Grenoble III (France), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in French Education from the University of Lagos, (Nigeria.)

Since the age of 18, Rosemary had the ambition to compile a French-English Picture Dictionary for Schools. Her extensive travels to francophone African countries and Europe made it possible to delve into the French culture and language. The completion of the work was made possible in good part by the strong support of her family and friends.

Rosemary has over two decades of professional experience in lexicographic activities including teaching and research. She has also carried out community development programmes, in Cameroon and Nigeria. She developed a passion for the environment based on her innate ability for beauty and aesthetic values. She likes travelling and interacting with people. She organized activities for young people through the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Cameroon Education Office. She also recorded the environmental changes in Cameroon through the memory of old people. She equally participated in the World Bank Book AID project for students.

By travelling extensively through West, Central, East and South Africa, Rosemary can appreciate and value the rich cultures of various African countries. She belongs to some professional associations and research networks such as the African Association for Lexicographers, Dictionary Society of North America, and the Nigeria Conservation Foundation.



Rosemary N. Ossai   Ph.D.

Prof. Chantal Epié

Dr. Imelda Wallace

Stéphanie Jiamo

Dr. Josée Attiron-Zongo

Alice Bibi Lobe Manga Bell

Prof. Victor Owhotu Ph.D. (Sorbonne)
Professor of Curriculum Studies & French Language Education
Faculty of Education University of Lagos

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