Summary of the Book

Part One

This part contains about eight hundred (800) colourful images. Each French word is represented by an image that sustains the interest of the learners and enables them to think in French.

Part Two

This part contains more entries than part I. It includes words that cannot be illustrated. This enables the dictionary to cover a wide scope of vocabulary required by the learners. The meanings are given simply and unambiguously.

Part Three

It has characteristic features similar to part II. Part III becomes useful for learners who want to find the equivalent of English words.

Part Four

Verbs Conjugation.
This section indicates the page and shows the list of over 150 verbs in alphabetical order. There is a model conjugation of the basic auxiliary verbs and the three conjugation groups: the 'er'/'ir'/'oir' 'ir' 're' verbs in all the tenses and modes.

Part Five

Appendix and Culture.
The appendix is provided to enhance learning at a glance. The cultures of France and some African countries are provided through short texts, maps and monuments of historical places.

Dr. Rosemary N. Ossai is a linguist and lexicographer. She is the founder and chief editor of the RON Educational Writing Series. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Ibadan, another bachelor’s degree in (FLE) Teaching of French as a foreign language, an M.Sc. in French (Letters, Arts, & Science of languages) from the University of Stendhal, Grenoble III (France), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in French Education from the University of Lagos.

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What Our Reader's Say?

RON French-English Picture Dictionary was always by my side throughout my time studying the French language in secondary school. From its vibrant and colourful pages to its life-saving conjugations, the dictionary was a one-stop-shop for pretty much everything that I needed to complete my assignments, write my essays and study for exams. I can’t even imagine the dictionary being even more engaging and comprehensive than it already is, so I am overly excited for the second edition!

Tolulope Kaosarat Olasewere
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Tolulope Kaosarat Olasewere

Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

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